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Evelyn talks of seeing a Dr. Savage, talks of Dorothy, John, Shirley, and her mother.

Talks of taking "Tiny" (Jessie) for treatment, Dorothy, Evelyn Beeton.

Says Evelyn was happy to have ANW's letter, mentions Shirley and Dorothy.

Evelyn gives a long update, talks of straining a muscle in her throat, her mother, Shirley having the horrors at night, the trials of Pug.

Evelyn talks of Italy, adventures in a tunnel with flooding, North, Eric, her grandmother, Shirley, Dorothy, Evelyn Beeton.

Evelyn talks of her neck pain, her grandmother, mother, Dorothy, Shirley, Eric, Alan Beeton.

Evelyn talks of her grandmother, Eric, North, Pug, Evelyn Beeton, Alan Beeton, Shirley and Dorothy, Ruth, talks of Alan proposing to Ruth.

Evelyn writes again from Italy, talking of the rain, North, Eric, Dorothy, and Shirley.

Evelyn writes of Shirley, Dorothy, Eric, Alan Beeton, and someone called Pug.

Whitehead's brother expresses his sympathy upon hearing that ANW has been ill, discusses the war, mentions his own health troubles.

Whitehead's brother thanks Whitehead for his telegram, writes of his wife, Shirley, Dorothy, and of a fellowship for Henry; discusses the modern yearning for "self-expression"; mentions that Dean Inge wants to talk with ANW if he visits England next…

Whitehead's brother sends his best wishes for Jessie after her accident, hopes the Whiteheads' journey to visit is only delayed; says he hopes to buy a copy of AI soon and discuss it with Henry Head; gives family update on Charley, Shirley, Dorothy.

Whitehead's brother discusses the marriage and career of Henry, gives other family updates, and discusses monetary matters.

Evelyn gives an update, asks for Whitehead to reply, sends love to Shirley and Dorothy.

Whitehead's sister and her daughter wish them well on their journey to America.

Evelyn writes from London about someone named Vera coming to tea, and future plans.
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