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Talks of taking "Tiny" (Jessie) for treatment, Dorothy, Evelyn Beeton.

Accession Number: LET1309

Evelyn talks of Italy, adventures in a tunnel with flooding, North, Eric, her grandmother, Shirley, Dorothy, Evelyn Beeton.

Accession Number: LET1277

Evelyn talks of her grandmother, Eric, North, Pug, Evelyn Beeton, Alan Beeton, Shirley and Dorothy, Ruth, talks of Alan proposing to Ruth.

Accession Number: LET1257

Evelyn writes of Shirley, Dorothy, Eric, Alan Beeton, and someone called Pug.

Accession Number: LET1235

North writes of Italy's beauty and trying his best to speak Italian.

Accession Number: LET1232

Evelyn sends best wishes, says her mother misses ANW, mentions Bertie and Evelyn and Alan Beeton.

Accession Number: LET1231

Evelyn writes of her trip and how she misses Whitehead, mentions her mother, Alan and Evelyn Beeton, Pug, and Shirley.

Accession Number: LET1226

Evelyn writes of her trip to Italy, mentioning Shirley, her mother, and the children.

Accession Number: LET1220

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