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Talks of Mr. Beeton, his mother's funeral, Alan Beeton, Jessie, John and her mother.

Accession Number: LET1312

Evelyn gives a long update, talks of straining a muscle in her throat, her mother, Shirley having the horrors at night, the trials of Pug.

Accession Number: LET1290

Evelyn talks of her neck pain, her grandmother, mother, Dorothy, Shirley, Eric, Alan Beeton.

Accession Number: LET1269

North says that Alan Beeton and Ruth have broken off their engagement.

Accession Number: LET1268

Evelyn talks of her grandmother, Eric, North, Pug, Evelyn Beeton, Alan Beeton, Shirley and Dorothy, Ruth, talks of Alan proposing to Ruth.

Accession Number: LET1257

Evelyn writes of Pug, Alan Beeton, Ruth, mentions North and Eric.

Accession Number: LET1244

Evelyn writes again from Italy, says that her mother and Shirley were planning to go to Lucerne, Switzerland, unclear if she meant the rest of them would as well. She also talks of Alan Beeton and Pug.

Accession Number: LET1237

Evelyn writes of Shirley, Dorothy, Eric, Alan Beeton, and someone called Pug.

Accession Number: LET1235

North writes of Italy's beauty and trying his best to speak Italian.

Accession Number: LET1232

Evelyn sends best wishes, says her mother misses ANW, mentions Bertie and Evelyn and Alan Beeton.

Accession Number: LET1231

Evelyn writes of her trip and how she misses Whitehead, mentions her mother, Alan and Evelyn Beeton, Pug, and Shirley.

Accession Number: LET1226

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