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Guide to HL2 lecture notes.pdf
A guide to the supplementary HL2 lecture notes, providing citations and information on lecture dates.

Author: Petek, Joseph


STU107 Jackson - Harvard lectures, fall semester 1926.docx
Notes for the fall 1926 semester.

Accession Number: STU107

STU091 Roethlisberger - Harvard lectures, 1925-1926 (transcription).docx
Notes from Whitehead's class "Philosophy 3b: Philosophy of Science," 1925-1926.

Accession Number: STU091

STU077 Burch - Harvard lectures, 1926-1927 (transcription).docx
Besides the notes on Whitehead's lectures in Philosophy 3b, includes notes on guest lectures in Whitehead's class by Raphael Demos and Charles Hartshorne, as well as a lecture by William Ernest Hocking about Whitehead, probably from Hocking's…

Accession Number: STU077

STU069 Heath - Radcliffe lectures, fall semester 1925 (transcription).docx
Student notes on a Whitehead course on philosophy and metaphysics.

Accession Number: STU069

STU068 King - Harvard lectures, 1926-1927 (transcription).docx
Student notes on a Whitehead course on philosophy and metaphysics.

Accession Number: STU068

STU056 Bell et al - History of philosophy, spring semester 1927 (transcription).docx
This was the "official notebook" for Philosophy A, maintained by the course's various assistants.

Accession Number: STU056

STU051 Conger - Harvard lectures etc., 1926-1927, Part 1 (transcription).docx
Includes notes on Whitehead's Philosophy 3b, his seminaries in metaphysics (Philosophy 20h) and logic (Philosophy 20i), Philosophy A, a paper on time, and one of Conger's diary entries.

Accession Number: STU051

STU010 Robinson - Harvard lectures, spring semester 1926 (transcription).docx
Transcribed by Fred Oscanyan and James McGilvray in the 1960s as part of the Yale Philosophy Club's efforts under Paul Weiss to edit Whitehead notes, the originals were lost following Robinson's death in 1968. These transcribed notes represent less…

Accession Number: STU010

STU009 Nelson - Harvard lectures, fall semester 1926 (transcription).docx
Student lecture notes for Whitehead's "Philosophy of Science" class, typed.

Accession Number: STU009

NOT020 Cabot et al - Seminary in social ethics, fall semester 1926 (transcription).docx
Pages 1-3 are Cabot's "obiter dicta," i.e., Cabot thinking through Whitehead's presentation in light of his larger project. Pages 4-9 are Cabot's notes taken during Whitehead's lecture. Pages 10-32 are the stenographer's account of Whitehead's…

Accession Number: NOT020

Four pages of notes from October 1 and October 8 sessions of Whitehead's fall 1926 seminary.

Accession Number: STU116

Hartshorne's notes for Whitehead's 1925-26 Philosophy 3b. This version of the notes has been re-ordered and newly numbered by WRP (upper-left corner) through comparison with other other notes from the same year, most notably Roethlisberger's…

Accession Number: STU112

Notes for Whitehead's seminar. They are typed and pasted into a pre-numbered notebook. It seems likely that the notes are not Weiss's, and that he instead got them from another student. See LET636 and LET637.

Author: Weiss, Paul

Accession Number: STU064

Student notes on Whitehead's Philosophy 3b for the spring 1927 term. The first fourteen pages are Weiss's handwritten notes, while the last five pages are Ford's efforts at transcribing a portion of them.

Author: Weiss, Paul

Accession Number: STU063

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