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North mentions having another idea for his invention.

Accession Number: LET1352

North writes about what the kids have been up to.

Accession Number: LET1348

North talks of reading War and Peace, says that he is doing well.

Accession Number: LET1346

North thanks Eric for his gift, asks if knows someone named Cahill or Kahill, mentions he is working on a patent.

Accession Number: LET1343

North talks of a compass he had been working on.

Accession Number: LET1342

North says he will try to meet his father's train, asks him to bring some supplies.

Accession Number: LET1341

North writes that he has gotten a room for his father for the coming weekend.

Accession Number: LET1340

North asks his father if he can come for the weekend.

Accession Number: LET1339

North asks his father to try to find a book on small hydraulic pumps, practical rather than theoretical if possible.

Accession Number: LET1338

North talks of his health and some mechanism that he is working on.

Accession Number: LET1336

North says he enjoyed his father's visit the previous weekend very much, discusses a paper they plan to co-write on the earth's crust.

Accession Number: LET1334

North thanks his parents for their letters, tells them how he is doing.

Accession Number: LET1333

North thanks his father for his lectures, mentions the officers have gotten a raise.

Accession Number: LET1332

North says that as president of the sports committee he bought 50 footballs, 300 books, and dozens of games.

Accession Number: LET1330

North says he enjoyed his father's visit very much, says he hopes the war will be over the following year, talks of a book he is reading.

Accession Number: LET1329

North writes about what the kids have been up to.

Accession Number: LET1320

North thanks his father for a letter.

Accession Number: LET1315

North asks his father to send him a copy of Walter Scott's The Heart of Mid-Lothian because they are reading it in a class.

Accession Number: LET1314

North writes of train schedules.

Accession Number: LET1304

Thanks his father for sending him his book, asks him to visit in July, talks of meeting an engineer and critiquing his work.

Accession Number: LET1302

Postcard saying they are having tea at Vevey.

Accession Number: LET1301

North talks of meeting a Russian general.

Accession Number: LET1300

North says he expects to arrive in America in the first half of May 1942 and spend about five weeks there, gives a tentative schedule, mentions wanting to meet with Ralph Perry and his group.

Accession Number: LET1296

North writes of reading War and Peace, breaking his watch, spending time with Eric and Jessie.

Accession Number: LET1281

North says he enjoyed reading ANW's "Anatomy of Some Scientific Ideas" more than any other essay he'd ever read, and goes on to discuss a disagreement with him on his philosophy of education.

Accession Number: LET1280

North writes of an "expedition" with Eric.

Accession Number: LET1279

North talks of his day in Switzerland.

Accession Number: LET1278

North says that Alan Beeton and Ruth have broken off their engagement.

Accession Number: LET1268

North thanks ANW for a gift of stocking, says that his grandfather has also sent him a gift, is composing a thank-you letter.

Accession Number: LET1267

North writes that he is returning to Bulford. Evelyn writes on the back of the same letter and sends it on to ANW, saying she is feeling better.

Accession Number: LET1264

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