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Evelyn gives a long update, talks of straining a muscle in her throat, her mother, Shirley having the horrors at night, the trials of Pug.

Accession Number: LET1290

Whitehead's brother sends his best wishes for Jessie after her accident, hopes the Whiteheads' journey to visit is only delayed; says he hopes to buy a copy of AI soon and discuss it with Henry Head; gives family update on Charley, Shirley, Dorothy.

Accession Number: LET1110

Whitehead's brother expresses happiness at news of Jessie's recovery from her fall, updates him on family affairs, and discusses the prospective self-government of India.

Accession Number: LET1077

Writes of going to a good film, the Barrs visiting after seeing a bad film.

Accession Number: LET1033

Whitehead's daughter and brother wish ANW and Evelyn well on their migration to America.

Accession Number: LET1001

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